With brand development at the core of our business, we act as more than just your design team, but business consultants for any ideas or questions you might have about your brand’s design or development. You work directly with both Jordan and her team through a systematic creative process that allows them to successfully communicate exactly what you want from your business’ online presence through your website.

Every design and development decision is made with you in mind as our goal is to present you with a product that you can manage, maintain, and expand on your own as your business grows. Please refer to the following resources to help you as much as possible as you get ready for the start date of your brand new WordPress website.


You will have a break of time between booking your project and your start date. During this time, you will have homework to complete and turn in that includes all website content, images, and other various setup information critical to the build of your website.

Each tab to the right of this text includes a detailed breakdown of what’s needed as well as resources to help you in completing your homework in full and on time.


Please purchase your website domain before the start of your project. We need to know the full domain name and domain provider information in order to properly set up your website’s navigation.

You can purchase your Domain at a number of different providers including sites like GoDaddy and Namecheap.


If you plan to use a professional email address (ex: please, have your email set up and working before the start date of your site. We will need your professional or primary email address in order to properly set up your WordPress account.

We recommend using a program like GSuite to set up custom domain email addresses.

Please note, we do not set up any email accounts for you. This must be complete before your project starts.

Social Media

Along with your Domain, we highly recommend grabbing and setting up your professional social platforms, even if you don’t plan on using them right away. There’s nothing worse than having everything set up to find that someone else is already using your domain as their social handle.

Even if you aren’t going to use it, grab your business handles on all primary social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin, as well as any other platforms you plan on using.

Please note, we will need the FULL URL of each social platform in order to properly link them in your website. This must be complete before your project starts.


If you plan on having any subscription or opt-in forms on your site, we need you to set up your newsletter program and lists in advance before your build.

For new startups who don’t plan on doing any heavy email marketing at the start, going with a program like Mailchimp is a great solution.

For businesses with larger lists or more expansive email marketing needs, we recommend using a program like ConvertKit for your newsletters and email marketing.

Please note, we do not set up any newsletter marketing programs or lists for you. This must be complete before your project starts.


We require that all website content (including text, images, video etc…) to be used in the website’s build, be submitted in full upon the start date of your project.

After booking your project, you will schedule a Strategy Session with both your designer and developer to plan out all project content. After that session, a shared Dropbox folder will be created and shared with you for you to input all your website content into.

Please note, all website content must be complete by the start date of your project.


Since you will have turned in all of your content, images, and site information in advance to us at the start of your project, you will be able to mostly sit back and relax during your project.

While your work will be minimal, there will be quite a bit of email correspondence between you and Blackfox & Alpha, making it very important to stay on top of your emails.

The toggles on the right of this page will help you to know what responsibilities you’ll have during your website’s build and how to complete them on time.


Please create a “Blackfox & Alpha” tab in your email program to save all email correspondence in, as to not lose or delete any communications during our build incase you need to refer to them at any point.


As we will be building your site on a transfer install on our own hosting, you do not need to have your hosting set up before the project start date. This will save you money while your site is being built, and allow you time to research the right host for you and your business.

We do personally (and highly) recommend going with SiteGround for your host as they are the top WordPress host and provide the best customer service and library of hosting services.

Just before the launch of your site, if you do not have your hosting setup, we will introduce you to our contact over at SiteGround who can answer any of your hosting questions as well as help you set up the ideal hosting program for you.


During the build is a perfect time for you to turn your focus from content creation to marketing and a launch plan. We want to make sure that your site launches with a bang, and having a full launch plan including emails, social media announcements and any other activities planned is a great way to do just that.

If you would like assistance in creating an exciting launch plan, we can recommend some excellent Social Media Marketing specialists who can help you craft the perfect launch plan.


All websites launch on the last Monday of a project’s timeline with a soft launch, followed by a full live launch on Tuesday. Once a site goes live, depending on your particular site project, you will have a pre-determined amount of technical support days where Jordan will be monitoring your site’s live performance.

Your teaching sessions with Jordan will be conducted after your live launch and within that first week of your site’s launch. The goal of these sessions is to address as much of the detailed elements of your site in order for you to fully take over with confidence.

This is your new creative space and we want you to absolutely love it.

Teaching Sessions with Jordan

Jordan will be creating a thorough set of YouTube videos (in the “Video Tutorials” tab) that cover all the basic WordPress back end usage for your new website. Please watch all her recommended tutorial videos before your teaching session so that she can spend your time together focusing on specific tutorials as they relate to your website such as product development, event programs, and other custom features.

Monthly Update Support

Jordan offers all of our clients the option to sign up for his monthly update support service. This service includes maintaining your theme and any plug-ins to the most updated versions. This service starts at $75.00/per mo. and is completed at the start of each month.

Other Technical & Design Support

As we do not offer long term or retainer technical support, we do want all of our clients to know that we love to continue working with each and every one of you as you continue to grow and expand your online brands.

If you find yourself in need of future updates or support, we consider these special projects and are custom invoiced and include priority-booking slots as to help expedite your design needs.

Contact us personally when these needs occur so we can get you scheduled into our calendar.

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